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Since it is assumed that all suppliers are created equal, the temptation is to hire the ones offering the lowest prices. And, just to cover themselves, these in-house managers will also ask for three references from “satisfied customers” who have successfully used that supplier.Most novice commercial office space project managers will resort to the “price and three references” method of selection. This means that potential suppliers and contractors are invited to submit their best price for goods and services.A dull and intimidating meeting room might not bring out the best in every employee. Even a client listening to a presentation in a conference room that is cluttered and undecorated might not get a very good impression. On the other hand, a modern and stylish room can bring out creativity and unique ideas from the staff, which in turn the company can enjoy in the long run. Even the client will appreciate the whole experience of sitting down in a long presentation or meeting as long as the environment is comfortable and encourages expression.
Does the supplier work on commercial office space projects of your size, or do they suit a different size of customer? What about the scope of the project? Have they performed many very similar projects successfully, or is this one a stretch for them? Is your supplier a specialist at interpreting your company’s particular office design ideas or are they a generalist who attempts to satisfy many needs? The choice is ultimately yours and there is no right or wrong answer. Experience is the key factor here.
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